Appointment Form

The Appointment Form enables you to add or edit an appointment, and its fees and notes. The Appointment Form is separated into three parts: Patients and Fees, Appointment Details and Other Details. You can scroll up and down the form using the scroll bar on the left side of the form. Clicking the Close button at the top right of the form closes the form and takes you back to your full calendar.

Always remember to click the Save button whenever you enter any information on the Appointment Form. Once an appointment is confirmed, the appointment information is shown in the Appointment Confirmation form.

Patients and Fees

The Patients and Fees section shows the name of the patient/s you are seeing during the appointment and the fee details.

To enter your patient's name, start typing a few letters of his or her name into the Name field and select your patient's name from the list of your existing patients whose names include those letters that appears. If the patient is a new patient, just type their name into the Name field and a Patient Profile is created for the patient.

To select a fee, start typing a few letters of the fee (e.g. the funder, the fee name, etc) into the Fee field and select the correct fee from the list of existing fees that include the letters that appears. The actual fee amount appears in fee box next to the fee name. If the fee is a new fee, just type the fee name into the Fee field, and enter the fee amount in the fee box - the fee will be saved in your Fees List.

To add another fee for the same patient (e.g. for distance driven if an appointment is a home visit), click the Add Another Fee link, and select the fee and fee amount in the same way as the previous fee.

To add another patient to the appointment (e.g. for a group session), click the Add Another Patient button, and select the patient and fee in the same way as the first patient and fee.

To remove a fee for a patient, click the cancel button next to the appointment, and confirm that you want to remove the fee.

To remove a patient from an appointment, click the cancel button at the top right of the Patients and Fees, and confirm that you want to remove the patient. Note that this action also removes the fee for that patient from the appointment.

Appointment Details

The Appointment Details section shows the date, time and duration of the appointment, as well as its location. Date and time shown depend on what you select in the calendar or are left blank if you have clicked the New Appointment button. You can change the date and time using the date picker and the time selector drop down menus.

Appointment duration changes depending on the fee you selected in the Patients and Fees section. You can also change the duration by typing in the number of minutes of the appointment.

Location is determined by the Practice Hours that you have set - e.g. if the appointment is for Tuesday 10am and your practice hours show that you are at Practice X on Tuesdays at 10am, then Practice X is shown as the location in the Appointment Details section. You can change the location using the drop down menu of your practice location.

Other Details

You can enter notes about the appointment in the Notes section - for example, a reminder to yourself to return a lost item to a patient that they left at your practice during their last appointment. Clinical notes are not recorded here - they are recorded in the Clinical Notes section, which is accessed from the Appointment Confirmation form or directly from the Patient Profile.