Fee List

The Fees List page allows you to view all the fees that you have listed, for a particular funding body or for a particular type of clinical function (e.g. treatment or assessments). To access the Fees List page, click the Finance tab then click Fees. You can search and filter columns to find the information you need, and also change the view to suit your preferences.


Use the Search function at the top left to search for anything including fee name, funding body, fee amount, appointment duration, etc. Your search criteria appear in blue. The list of fees is then limited to show only fees that meet your criteria. This is how you create a list of all fees for a particular funder or a particular clinical function.

Sorting and filtering fee records

Fees are automatically listed in order of funding body. You can click each of the column headings to re-order the fees, for example, by funding body, duration or fee name. Click in each of the columns and enter a specific word to filter the Fees List to show only particular records - for example, all fees with the word ‘consultation’ in them.

Scrolling through pages

You can scroll through all the pages of your Fees List listed by clicking through the page numbers at the bottom right of the fee table. Click first to go to the first page of records, and last to go to the last page of records.

Changing the view

You can change how this page appears in a number of ways and Halaxy Classic dynamically remembers your view preferences based on the computer you are using. Click Choose Columns to add or remove columns shown. Click the Results per Page picker to select the maximum number of fees you would like to see per page. Move columns by clicking on the column and dragging it to where you want the column to be.

Printing and exporting your Fee List

Print and export buttons

Print your Fee List by clicking the print icon at the top right of the screen. This creates a printer-friendly PDF file of the Fee List; click Ctrl-P to print the list on your printer.

You can export your Fee List to Excel by clicking the Export icon at the top right of the screen, which exports the Fee List to a CSV file, which you can view and save in Excel.

Adding a new fee

You can add a fee to your Fee List by clicking the New Fee button on at the top right of the page.

Editing and updating an existing fee

You can edit and update a fee by selecting the fee on the Fee List, making the changes required and then clicking the Save Fee button at the bottom of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a fee for an appointment if I didn't add the fee when I made the appointment?

Open the saved appointment on the calendar, and click the Add Fee button.

How do I change a fee on my fees list?

Under the Finances tab, select the Fees page. Open up the fee and make any changes you require. The updated fee will appear on your Fee List.

Different practitioners in my practice charge different amounts for the same treatment fee/item number - how do I create custom fees for different practitioners in Halaxy Classic?

When you add or edit the fee, click the Add Custom Fee, and add the different amounts that different practitioners charge for the same fee item number.

How do I add a fee to an invoice when an item number is missing and I get an error message from Medicare?

Click the Edit icon next to the fee and select the correct item number for the fee. Click Save and you can then reprocess the claim. Or from the Finances page, select Fees, select the fee without an item number, enter the item number and then Save.