Practice Reports

Halaxy Classic enables you to manage your practice's finances and track your practice's key metrics quickly and easily. Halaxy Classic automatically tracks your appointments, invoices, referrals and patient demographics for you and you can also track your expenses through Halaxy Classic. You can also sync your Halaxy Classic with your Xero accounting package.

Viewing your reports

You can view all of the finance or practice reports that you have created and saved on each page - e.g. you can see your patient's reports that you have saved on your Patients Reports page.

You can add and view your practice expenses on your Expenses page, which you can access by clicking the Finance tab and then clicking Expenses.

Creating new reports

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To create a new finance or practice report, click the New Report button on the relevant reports list page. You can see reports on your finances, patients, appointments and referrals. You can also create reports to see what communications have been sent out.

Saving reports

If you want to save a report you created, click the Save button at the bottom of the page for the report to be saved. If you do not want to keep the report, click the Cancel button.

Creating automatically repeating reports

You can create and save a report that runs automatically at a particular time - e.g. a monthly income report. When you create a report and click the Save button, click the Regular report link then select how often and when you want the report to run. When you click Save, the report is scheduled to run automatically at the time selected.

Printing and exporting reports

After you have saved a report, you can print it by clicking the Print icon at the top right of the screen. You can also export it to Excel or CSV by clicking the Export icon.

Deleting saved reports

If you want to delete a saved report from your financial or practice reports lists, click on the report and then click the Delete Report button at the top right of your screen, next to your login toggle. After you have confirmed that you want to delete the report, the report is deleted and not shown in your reports list.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I run a report?

You can run most reports by going to the Finances tab and selecting Reports. Choose the page your require then select New Report at the top right of the page.