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Patient services

Halaxy Classic is not just software for practitioners; Halaxy Classic is a global platform for practitioners and patients, making health better all over the world. Halaxy Classic is growing and building services for patients including directories, online bookings, clinical tracking tools and other unique service to support their treatment and enhance their health in consultation with their care team, while also helping to reduce your administration in managing appointments as well as patient profiles and records.

Please come back periodically to this page for updates about progress on these exciting initiatives.

Searchable directories

Using Halaxy Classic's searchable practitioner directories, patients (and their GPs/physicians) can find the right practitioner for them from directories that cover practitioners of all professions in each country and incorporates not just location information but also expertise (e.g. in childhood autism over adult depression, or breast cancer over bowel cancer), to form the broadest, deepest, most exhaustive searchable directory in each country. Current directory profiles cover key English speaking countries in the world, and have been developed using publicly available information. You can claim and update your own profile using information on your profile. You can also determine whether to appear on the directory or not, depending on your practice's capacity to see new patients.

Online bookings

New and existing patients can find and book online with you (and other members of their care team) either through the Halaxy Classic directory, or directly from practitioners' websites. Online bookings help patients find and book with the right practitioner for them, and help to reduce your administration while also growing your practice to new patients and referrers. Patients do not need to login, create or have a Halaxy Classic account to book online with you.

When a patient books online with you, they either select a specific time for the appointment (e.g. April 1, 10am) or select specific time period (e.g. April 1, morning), depending on whether you have set up time-specific or request-based online bookings. After they have entered their details, they are verified and then the booking is sent to you.

You receive notification of the booking with the time set either:

  • By the patient for time-specific online bookings; or
  • Automatically for request-based bookings because Halaxy Classic chooses the available appointment time within the time period chosen by the patient.

After you have completed the online booking by selecting the fee and saving the appointment, the appointment is treated just like any other appointment with reminders and notifications sent to the patient.

Patient portal

Patients' portals enable patients to track their appointments and invoices, create a list of their practitioners and track their health in Halaxy Classic. They can also enable access to their patient portal by family members, and set the level of access for them. You can invite them on their patient profile, share specific case notes with them and set whether you want these preferences available by default in your Halaxy Classic.

NOTE: this section of the manual is aimed at practitioners and is designed to describe the patient portal to practitioners. It is not designed to provide instructions to health consumers and patients about how to use their patient portals.

Creating a list of their practitioners

Patients who have a Halaxy Classic account can search for their practitioners using advanced parameters (such as languages spoken and services such as the availability of home visits as well as wheelchair access). They can also save practitioners' profiles to their Practitioners List whose profiles they view to their list of practitioners, which enables them to create a list of their care team - i.e. practitioners of all professions that they currently see and practitioners that want to see for treatment. They can also book online with practitioners who use Halaxy Classic and have enabled online bookings without needing to enter their information as this is automatically entered into the booking request for them.

Tracking appointments and invoices

Patients with a Halaxy Classic account can access the Appointments List and the Invoices List that help them keep track of their appointments and invoices, so that they can access a specific invoice or confirm the exact date of an appointment without needing to bother you for the information thus saving you time and effort. Patients' Appointments and Invoices Lists look similar to your own Appointments List and Invoices List, and their lists list their appointments and invoices that they have had with you and with other practitioners that use the Halaxy Classic service (and who enable patient portal access for their patients).

Where available, patients are also able to pay for their appointment through their Patient Portal (which is similar to electronic payments processing for practitioners), which gives you further payment options in your practice.

Tracking their health

Halaxy Classic is building a repository of tools, tests and assessments with which patients (i.e. people who receive treatment from practitioners as well as people who are tracking their health without seeing a practitioner) can track their health. Tools being developed include: static measures such as adult height on which other measures - such as weight - can be compared; episodic measures such as K10 and DASS21 assessments; and ongoing tools including food and exercise diaries, mood trackers and medication management tools. You can assign patients tools to track their health between appointments, or patients can access these tools independently.

Patients can share tools and records within their care team. For example, dietitians may assign their clients 'homework' to track their food intake on a food diary between appointments, and patients can share their food diaries with practitioners electronically before their next appointment for you to assess and review.

Setting and managing their access levels

On the Accesses page, patients can reset their password and sync their Halaxy Classic calendar with other iCal-enabled calendars (these functions operate in a similar way to practitioners' resetting passwords and calendar syncing functions).

Importantly, patients can determine who can access their own patient portal (i.e. who can see their appointments, invoices and health details) and also request access to other patients' portals.

Managing their profile and settings

Patients can add their own information to their patient portal including their name, date of birth, gender and email as well as their address and phone numbers and emergency contact (which is similar to the information recorded on the General page of their patient profile in your software).

They are also able to set and change their timezone and date and time formats (which is similar to your Settings page).

Coviu online video consultations

Halaxy Classic integrates with Coviu so you can see and treat your patients online, as well as face to face. After you sign up to Coviu for a team account, you can integrate your Coviu account and your Halaxy Classic on the Settings page. When you make an appointment and select that an appointment is an online consultation in the Location dropdown menu, you can click the Online Consultation link to enter the Coviu appointment session. You can email the patient the link to the Coviu appointment session if the patient's email address is listed on the General page of their profile. Your Halaxy Classic can process patient appointment fee payments automatically at the time of the appointment, create invoices automatically and send reminders for online consultations in the same way as for traditional appointments.

Our ongoing timings

It is expected that these updates will be rolled out progressively. In the meantime, we are seeking input from practitioners about the tools and assessments that you would like to use in your practice as a part of your patient records, and / or would like to share with your patients so they can track their health and support their treatment with you. Please email your suggestions to:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I invite a patient to the patient portal?

From a patient's General page, click the Invite button and follow the prompts. Your patient will be sent and invitation.