Referrals Report

You can create a report that tracks referrals written as well as referrals that are soon to expire.

Type of report

Select the type of report that you would like to create. You can create the following reports:

Referral reports available
Report type Description
Referral View a report showing created referrals, expiry date of referrals and referral types and referrals that are soon to expire

Filtering reports by key parameters

You can filter the report to show key information; filters available include:

  • Referral date: Select the date range for the report (e.g. selecting December 1 to December 31 limits the report to show referrals dated in December).
  • Expiry date: Select this date range if you want to see referrals that expire between particular dates (e.g. selecting December 1 to December 31 limits the report to show referrals expiring in December).
  • Referral types: Select a referral type (which lists all of the referrals you have used in your practice) if you want to see a report regarding a specific type of referral.
  • Recipient: Select the recipient of the referral. Leave this field blank to see all recipients.
  • Limit: Select if you want to see referrals that will expire within a particular number of appointments.
  • Patient Status: Select some or all statuses if you want to view the report by specific statuses.
  • Patient: Enter a name if you are looking for a particular patient.

Completing the report

After you have applied the relevant filters, click the Run button to create the report, which you can save, create an automatically repeating report as well as export or print.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I run a report to see which referrals are about to run out?

Under the Finances tab, select the Reports page then the Referrals page. Click the New Report button and enter the Expiry Date. Choose any other parameters you require and click Run.