Your Profile

The first step to using Halaxy Classic to its fullest potential is to create a profile of you and your practice including professional details, location, practice hours, expertise and languages spoken, because these details appear on your invoices, clinical reports and patient records.

You can make changes to and update your profile and online booking preferences by clicking the Profile tab, then selecting the Personal or Locations pages. You can also update your account settings, set your reminder preferences and add users if you are in a group practice, and change your password through the Profile tab.

Your directory profile

Main article: Your Halaxy Classic directory profile

Halaxy Classic's directory and online bookings service allows you to grow and promote your practice to new patients and referrers through Halaxy Classic's directory and is automatically integrated into your practice management software. New and existing patients can also book directly with you through the Halaxy Classic directory or through your website linked to the Halaxy Classic directory. You have the flexibility to choose the level of information shown on your profile and you can also choose between two types of online bookings, all of which can be tailored for each practitioner at each practice location in your practice.

Personal Details

Main article: Practitioner Personal Details

The Personal tab lists your name and professional details (such as profession, qualifications and registration number), which appear on your invoices and billings. The Personal tab also includes your expertise, qualifications and credentials, any languages you speak and your professional description, which appear on your profile on the Halaxy Classic directory. You can also set and update your directory profile preferences.

Click the Edit button to update your personal details.

Locations, practice hours and online bookings preferences

Main article: Locations, practice hours and online bookings preferences

You can record the details of each location in which you practice, as well as the hours that you are available to treat patients at each location. You can set a default location and set a colour for when you see patients at each location. You can also set your online booking preferences for each location and each practitioner at that location.

Click the New Practice button to add a new practice to your list of locations and then add your practice hours and your online booking preferences for that specific location. You can always update locations, hours and online booking preferences by clicking the Edit icon near the location or near the practice hours for that location.

In group practices, hours and booking preferences for each practitioner are shown next to each practice location in which they work. You can also archive or delete a practitioner from a practitioner location.


Main article: Settings

The Settings page allows you to set your timezone, currency and time format, the background colour used throughout your account, as well as whether you want patient invitation and notes sharing available in your Halaxy Classic. You can also set your default invoice and report template, so that your invoices and clinical reports are printed with your information on them including practice letterheads and logos.


Main article: Payments

The Payments page is where you can add your payment and deposit accounts to enable payments processing and other add-on services (such as text reminders). You can edit or update information by making changes in the fields and clicking Save.


Set up reminders

Main article: Reminders

You can set when and how you want reminders and notifications to be sent to patients for appointments, including for appointments at your practice locations as well as home visits. You can add preferences by making changes in the fields and clicking Save. You can also tailor the wording of the reminder or notification by clicking the Edit icons, as well as set up two-way reminders so that patients can confirm their appointments when you send them a reminder and their confirmation is shown on your calendar.

Users and passwords

Main articles: Adding New Users and Passwords

Halaxy Classic is ideal for sole practices, groups practices and large multi-disciplinary practices alike. The Users page is where practice owners and some administrative staff can create a Halaxy Classic group practice account, and set and update their level of access. The Users page is also where you set and update your password.